Friday, October 29, 2010

Monsieur le Spot

This weekend, the hubby and I wet out to visit Cash. It's been waaaay too long since I've seen him - I'm a bad horse mom - but I know he's being amazingly well cared for.

He looks great - fat, happy, and dirty (his personal favorite). He's now out with only two other horses, one of whom visited with us quite a bit. Maybe it was because we had lots of treats?

Hi there!

Mmmm treats!

Super cute!

A wee bit on the plump side, I think.

Does this angle make his butt look big?

Still pretty flexible for an old guy!

The hubby discovered that Cash's pasture buddy Neeno liked to have his nose played with.

Neeno also insisted on visiting with us - he was like the photobomb horse.

I'm holding Neeno out of the picture here so that I can actually get a photo with just Cash and I!


I really, really wish I could bring him home...


  1. I'm confused - last weekend? This weekend hasn't happened yet (I hope!).
    When you set up the track you'll have space for three, don't you think? You could monitor his calc-phos ratio better if he were running around the house (kinda literally).

  2. Yes, last weekend. This is what happens when you schedule posts! ;)

    I have space for three now, but honestly, he's so fat and happy where he is now, and has so much room to roam and such good care that I am not going to move him unless I don't have a choice. He's in a 10 acre pasture with knee-deep Coastal hay and sand footing. He gets alfalfa twice daily, plus he gets bathed, groomed, fly sprayed, etc. several times a week. He's in horsey heaven! And no matter how much I would love to have him home, I know he's at the best place he could possibly be.

    Put it this way - with the exception of the choke episode in the spring, he's fat and has had NO health problems since I moved him there almost two years ago. This from a horse who was a hard keeper and colicked 3-4 times per year. I think he's in the right place - I just need to go visit him more often!

  3. Wow, he really does sunburn bad! His poor pink eye :(

    He's adorable. I bet you do miss him, but it sure sounds like he's in a perfect place.

  4. Funder, yes he does sunburn badly. He wears a fly mask all day every day, which helps some (we just took it off for a few minutes for pictures). When we were showing, he was in during the day to prevent sunburn, but he much prefers his outdoor life. I imagine that some day we'll have to deal with melanomas, but so far we have been super lucky.

    He also has no eyelashes on the brown eye (a vet told me it was because of the pink skin) so the ducts that drain his eyes become overburdened and clog very easily. As a result, his eyes water badly and get all gooky and crusty. The place he's at brings him up pretty much every day to sponge his eyes clean and put ointment in them if needed. He's horrible about it, but they put up with him. :)