Monday, October 18, 2010

At peace

One of my favorite times of day around here is dinnertime for the boys. I feed them, then I hang out with them and just watch them for a while and listen to them munch. Often, I'll get out some brushes and a hoof pick and spiffy them up a bit. Just because I can.

The headless horse. I've stopped using a nose bag for now - more on that later - but the feed tub seems to corral most of the goodies that Saga drops so that he can vacuum them up on the second go-round. Or the chickens. Whichever.

Red munches hay thoughtfully. As in, he's thinking of new ways to break into the feed shed.

It's my time of day to be selfish and have a few minutes at peace with the boys. It's just the best - one of the reasons why I love having them at home.

1 comment:

  1. that's such a lovely lovely post, just spending quality time with your ponies. i was going to say, someone gets a big feed, when i realised it was a scooper for saga's dinner mess!