Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hunting at 7IL

Today, Fuzzypony and I went hunting at 7IL. The hubby was out of town, so Fuzzypony took Red while I rode Saga.

Watching the sun rise on a beautiful day like today is always a treat. We took this picture traveling east on I-10 at about 7 a.m.

The start of the hunt: Foxhounds and first flight take off!

Red and Fuzzypony during one of our walk breaks.

First flight gallops by in pursuit of the hounds.

At the end of the hunt, the hounds went for a swim and got a drink from one of the stock ponds.

On the way home, we stopped for lunch at Schobel's in Columbus, TX. Not a half-bad BLT, but Fuzzypony and I don't recommend the Buttermilk pie.

We had a lovely time and can't wait to go again next week!


  1. Dressager: we have three fixtures that we hunt at. Yesterday, we were at 7IL ranch, which is in Cat Springs, TX (near Bellville). It's actually open to the public for trail riding, and a lot of endurance riders go there to condition. There's another fixture that's a private ranch near Chappell Hill, and the third fixture is a private ranch near Brenham.

    Wanna go hunting sometime? :)

  2. Ooh that looks SO fun. And not too dressy - does your hunt have a more relaxed dress code?

  3. Funder, it's a BLAST! It's the only way I know of to go riding hell-for-leather over hill and dale while drinking before noon, and still call it something genteel like "foxhunting." The Brits have it right, that's for sure! ;)

    As for the dress code, right now it's a) still cubbing season, which means that jackets and ties are not required, and b) still pretty hot, so polos are acceptable. Everyone this weekend was wearing polos, since it was about 80 degrees. As it gets cooler and later in the season, the tweed hunt coats will come out, and then after the blessing of the hounds (around Thanksgiving here), the formal jackets will appear.