Saturday, October 9, 2010

The fairly odd couple

They boys' new fly sheets came in yesterday, and I had to snap a few pictures while they are still clean and whole.

Shiny new fly sheets!

It occurred to me as I was ordering the sheets that our horses are rather... oddly matched.
  • Red wears a 68 and Saga wears an 82.
  • Red is 14.2 hh and Saga is 16.2 hh.
  • Red is The Bossy Pony, and Saga is The Cuddly Teddy Bear.
  • Red is quite smart and mischievous, and Saga is... well, let's just go back to the teddy bear image.
Only a small difference in size, really!

I guess I get used to seeing them out in the pasture together, with their mismatched sizes, but ordering the sheets reminded me of just how odd of a couple they are.

And then again... maybe there is a wee bit of difference in size...

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