Sunday, September 12, 2010

Red's new day job

Recently, The Kyoot Widdle Weddums (my nickname for Red, which he hates with all his cute little heart) has embarked on a new career path: he gives pony rides to our 5 year old cousin.

Red is particularly fond of this job because the ratio of cookies he gets to minutes of ride time he provides is quite high.

Apparently, to a 5 year old, feeding horses is nearly as much fun as riding them. Red is quite pleased with this arrangement and has informed me that our cousin can come visit him any time she likes!

DISCLAIMER: Safety, as ever, is my first concern with someone as young as our cousin. Because she is small and has not yet learned how to control Red past stopping and turning, I lead her around with a halter under Red's bridle. She wears heeled boots and a helmet, and her dad is never more than a few feet from her side in case she needs him. I want her early memories of horses to be fun and positive!

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