Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jumping lesson on Reddums

The hubby also took another jumping lesson on Reddums this weekend. They continued to work on staying in 2-point over the entire fence (instead of sitting up over the top of the fence), and steering. Red decided since his rider wasn't doing much steering, perhaps he didn't have to jump all the fences. Details, I know.

Unfortunately I took this video rather late in the lesson when we were jumping a small course, and with the added steering and the fact that they were both getting tired, the jumps weren't as nice as they were earlier in the ride. Still, there's improvement over their last jumping lesson.

Although they've still got lots to work on, the hubby was definitely able to feel when he was standing on his tip-toes over the fence (instead of keeping his heels down), and also when he was coming up to soon and hitting Red in the mouth. He's not happy about either thing happening, but at least he now understands when it's wrong and what the problem is, because he's had enough jumps where it's RIGHT. He had a really great time riding and kept saying how much he likes Paige as a teacher, since she's really able to break things down for him.

Paige mentioned to us that we were her most "entertaining" lesson. I guess that means we laugh a lot (or maybe she just finds watching us amusing, who knows!). Regardless, riding with her is a lot of fun, and we still manage to get a whole lot of riding and jumping in. I'm hoping to squeeze in some more lessons with her this fall, although foxhunting is still my main goal!

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