Saturday, September 25, 2010

Jumping lesson on Saga

This morning, the hubby and I headed down to Corragio H/J to take another jumping lesson with Paige. I talked to her a bit about what I'd seen in the video from my last lesson, where I kept hitting the saddle. After a few small fences, we agreed to pull my stirrups up another hole - and really, I could probably go one more, but I'd run out of saddle in front of my knee. Upping my stirrups helped me keep my butt out of the saddle a lot, and the lesson progressed well from there.

Since the hubby was riding with me, we didn't get much video, but he did take a video of our last course.

The fences were all a decent size (i.e. not crossrails or miniature verticals), so I felt like we were jumping a 'real' course. I loved how steady and rhythmic we were, and that we got all the correct leads. I didn't try to blast him at any fences, just sat up and waited, and it's probably the smoothest round I've ever had on him! What a fabulous way to end a ride!


  1. Man, that does look like fun. I really want to take jumping lessons and go foxhunt one day...

  2. Thanks, Dressager!

    @ Funder - I love jumping, but I also love dressage, and just hacking out with my horse. There are so many different ways to have fun! You should definitely take jumping lessons if you want to, and don't let anyone tell you that gaited horses can't jump! My husband's horse Red is a great little jumper, but he is definitely more comfortable jumping out of a canter than a trot (he does a "regular" trot in addition to his Missouri Fox Trot). And hey, if you want to go foxhunting... c'mon over to Austin, and we'll go chase us some coyotes!