Thursday, July 15, 2010

This one's for you, MC!

I know, I know, it's been AGES since I've posted anything to this blog. Suffice it to say that the boys are fine, fat, and happy, but I haven't been riding much. Plus a lot of the horse-related posts have gone over to the house blog, but it's been suggested that I post them over here instead and keep this blog alive.

So, without further ado...

Today I was cleaning up files on my computer and came across some old pictures of me jumping Cute Little Reddums. I think these were from February 2009 and were taken by Foxfire, and I thought I'd share them because they're actually kinda nice.

Left behind much? Poor pony, he's trying hard and I just can't keep it together!

Better on this one. Red's in fine form - and that fence is 2'6, the highest I think I'd jumped him at the time.

We seem to mostly have it together. Of course, these were only the *good* pictures... :)

Red is actually an adorable little jumper, but he's not all that scopey (although, looking at these pictures, I wonder...). Because he can get a little unbalanced and gait in front of a fence, it's best to canter him instead of trying to trot in, but even then, his canter can be pacey if he gets tired. He's a challenge to keep forward without gaiting, but he seems to have a natural ability to see a spot (certainly he's better at it than I am!) It's also a little hard to ride lines that are set up for bigger horses because he's only 14.2 and his canter stride isn't very adjustable. Still, he's a totally game little guy when it comes to jumping and I always have a blast with him.

Which reminds me, I should take him out jumping more often. Of course, I should probably just ride more often... but pictures like these encourage me to take the boys out!

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