Sunday, July 18, 2010

Shiny dressage pony

On our ride yesterday, MC did a little dressage work with Reddums. Good thing too since it's been months since I've put any work into him.

Nicely forward and stepping out. MC rides Red really well!

Red was ridden in a 7 inch shanked bit when we got him, so he tends to get stuck behind the vertical. He needs to be ridden with super-soft hands, using mostly seat and leg cues to keep him happy. It's really quite a challenge, but oh-so-rewarding when you get him going well!

After our ride, we did a spa day. Since I don't have a proper wash rack (yet), we alternated with who was holding the horses and who was hosing. The boys got baths with shampoo, and we scrubbed and conditioned manes and tails.

MC spent about 30 minutes carefully combing out Red's tail.

Just gorgeous. Why, oh why, can't Saga have a tail like this? It's not faaaair!

And why, oh why, can't Saga be this nice and shiny? And plump?

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