Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hock action == floating

This morning, MC and I went for a trail ride. We also spent some time riding in the field that I rode in the other day, where I got the fantastic floating trot.

I think I have figured out where the amazing trot came from: hock action! Check this out:


For 2+ months off, not bad! Yeah, I know his butt's in the next county, but his back is longer than a school bus so engagement is challenging at the best of times.

What I like about my ride that's shown in these pictures is that he's forward (even though it was at the end of the ride and he wasn't nearly as forward as when we started), relaxed through his body, neck, poll, and jaw, and was supple on the bending. Ok, so I need to remember to ride his outside shoulder to prevent him falling to the outside, which you can see me not doing in the following video:

We tried canter both ways and um... yeah. We need LOTS of strengthening work. I think I got about a dozen strides to the right, after asking 3 times. To the left the departure was much better, and we got maybe half a circle before I asked him to come back to trot. It was an unbalanced wreck. I think we'll start doing canter work on the trails - at least he can get moving there.

After the ride, Saga got a bath... with shampoo. I even washed, conditioned, and combed out his tail. I just had to take a picture of him looking all shiny afterward!

Yes, his mane is loooong. I've decided to leave it that way for now, since it's affording him some protection from the bugs. I'll pull it when we get back to show season.


  1. He looks awesome! Definite hock action.

  2. It's really an amazing feeling! I have to learn how to a) get that all the time, and b) sit it. Haha!