Friday, November 19, 2010

We need all the help we can get

Saga tends to be very helpful when we're working out in the pasture. He likes to supervise.

Last weekend, he helped us repair a hole in the roof of the shed (we had to replace 2 panels).

Be sure to get that roof panel on straight... you need to move it a little to the left!

And he made sure we correctly fixed a couple of pieces of loose trim on the shed door.

Are you making sure that loose metal trim is well attached? We wouldn't want any sharp bits sticking out!

Saga didn't get to supervise on this project since it was inside the feed shed. We put up a quick blanket rack with a 2x4 and some blocks of wood - not pretty, but definitely functional!


  1. Funny how when Saga sticks his nose into things he's being helpful, but when the EP tries to help with the heavy lifting, even persevering after the hay cart tried to attack him, it's seen as somehow - not helpful. No fair.

  2. Meidhbhe, notice that Saga supervises politely from a distance, while Red tends to stick his nose right in. I admit that Red's style of assistance could actually prove more useful, if only he used his powers for good. However, absconding with an entire bale of alfalfa doesn't count. Now, if he were to put said bail of alfalfa in the feed shed for me, well, maybe then I'd reconsider my stance on Red's "helping".