Monday, November 8, 2010

Time for a shave?

Lately I haven't been able to ride much in the evenings, so I've been trying to spend 10-15 minutes chasing the boys around the pasture so they can get some exercise. They really get into it after the first few minutes, bucking and playing with each other, trotting with high steps and flagged tails - it's fun to watch them. I can also assess how they're looking when they're not under saddle, which is especially important since Saga's been having some footiness issues of late.

Unfortunately, it's often warm in the evenings (80 degrees F last week!), and the boys have grown in their winter coats. Neither of them get very fuzzy, but in weather this warm, they sweat easily. And then they take FOREVER to dry, even though they cool down fairly quickly.

Still wet with sweat 45 minutes after his frolic in the pasture.

In fact, Saga sweats so much after very little exercise that I'm thinking about doing a Neck and Belly clip or an Irish Clip (here's a nice site that shows the different types of clips). Poor guy needs something in this heat, and I've got blankets to keep him toasty when it gets cold, as well as turnout sheets on order.

So, do you clip your horse? What clip do you prefer? And any hints on getting the lines straight?

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  1. I started Greta out with a sheet this year so she didn't grow any hair! Partly because I don't want her to get chills when she works during the winter, and partly because I'm cheap and REALLY don't have the money for clippers.

    I like do like the Trace Clip idea, and then continue taking off hair until it works. Afterall, you can take more hair off, but you can't put it back on (well, you can with super glue and what-not, but it doesn't look nice).