Thursday, November 4, 2010

Riding with friends

A few weeks ago, Fuzzypony hauled Taran down and MC came over for a visit, and the three of us took the boys out for a trail ride.

Saga was feeling slightly uneven at the trot (but perfectly fine at the walk), so I ended up parking him in the middle of our usual riding field and taking pictures of Fuzzypony and MC. Unfortunately, the lighting was low so a lot of the pics turned out blurry, but there were a few decent ones.

Fuzzypony walks by with Taran.

MC and Red looking lovely at the trot.

Taran canters off into the sunset while Red follows. At this point, I think Saga was munching on grass as I took the pictures.

Taran canters by.

Another lovely trot moment from MC and Red. Red's such a cutie, for all that he's a midget monster.

We ended the ride with a walk down the street to see MC's "new house" at the very end of the street - OK, she's not moving in, but she sure does lust after it!

I have to say, it's pretty amazing to be able to halt your horse, let go of the reins, and take pictures while your friends canter by. Saga is such a good pony!

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  1. naww i wish i could do that, and such a lovely friend being the photographer lol :)