Thursday, November 18, 2010


Red loves alfalfa, probably more than Saga does. Of course, he only gets a handful or two of alfalfa per day, while Saga gets an entire flake morning and night.

I keep my alfalfa in hay bags, mostly because it makes a mess whenever you pull off a flake. When I'm done with the bale, Red gets the leftovers.

Today, I was moving two new bales of alfalfa to the back shed, and Red decided he didn't want to wait till the bag was empty to get his share.

Ooooh! Could it be... a fresh bag of alfalfa?!?!

Mine! Mine! All mine!

Naturally, Red is starving. Just ask him about it - he'll probably forget to mention the entire pound of carrots that MC fed him when she came out to ride him today...


  1. Um - in fairness, I should mention that Saga got three or four carrots, so maybe the Redster is a tad undernourished this week.

  2. I love, love, love that last picture! He is so determined to have that alfalfa!! :)

  3. He's going to need lots of alfalfa to keep him warm tonight:)