Sunday, November 21, 2010

New duds for the boys

Saga and Red's new turnout sheets came in this week. They fit pretty well, and I like the cut, which is pretty much exactly like the Rambo cut.

Red looks pretty cute in his new navy and red sheet. All it needs is a big white star and he could be the Texas flag! (KIDDING!)

I am not as excited about Saga's teal with "lemon" trim outfit. (The trim is really more of a chartreuse. Ick.) I could have gotten it in java with brick trim, but I would have had to wait for another month for it to come in. Whatever, he'll survive in this.

Remember when blankets came in hunter with navy, maroon with gray trim, or navy with gray trim, and that was it? So many choices nowadays...


  1. oh they're cute rugs, i especially like red's cover but i'm biased towards navy and red combos.

  2. If you'd ordered them both matching tan sheets with dark green trim, you'd have been completely color-coordinated. We could have done the Volvo and the Jeep in green with tan trim...