Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A bit of grooming assistance

This weekend, MC was out to ride Reddums. She also kindly spent some time grooming Saga, since I was working on the house and couldn't go for a ride.

First, she groomed him and gave him a good vacuuming.

Clearly, Saga hates this.

Then, she washed and conditioned his tail, combed it out, braided it, and put it in a tail bag. We're trying to do something to salvage his rather pathetic tail, and this was her suggestion. We'll see how it looks in a couple of months!

It's really wonderful to have someone you trust come out and help look after the boys. Thanks, MC, for all the help!


  1. Please send her out here! I have a horse that desperately needs washing, vacuuming, and conditioning. ;)

  2. I tried a tail bag on Greta, but she keep shaking it off. Any ideas?

    But I would recommend the Kensington tail bags. They're really nice quality, just maybe not for a horse with a slick tail haha.

  3. Funder, you can't have her. I need her here! ;) Besides, she loves Reddums.

    Dressager, no idea what kind of tail bag I have. It's sort of a slinky fabric. You just tie it into the braid at the base of the tailbone. So far it's worked pretty well and stayed on without problems.