Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Red Jumping lesson Aug 21

Last weekend, the hubby and I went to a jumping lesson with Paige over at Corragio H/J. It's been a while since we've jumped, but the foxhunting season starts in less than a month and we're trying to get the boys fit and ourselves back into it.

Here's the video from the hubby jumping Red.

They started out working on keeping the heels down and leg underneath you (instead of way, way back) over the fence, and then progressed on to staying upright in the 2-point all the way to the landing. You can see early on in the video that the hubby is sitting up on the way down, and then later on Paige has him grabbing mane to help keep him in 2-point for longer.

I'd just like to point out what an awesome boy Red is, going straight to the fence on loopy reins and jumping like a champ every time. He may be short, but he is mighty!

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