Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mum is trying to kil us!

Reddums here.

This morning mum brought us some nasty slimy goo she called "flacks" for breakfast. She said it was good for us but it was horribul - I think she's trying to kil us! She put some karrits in it but I wasn't fooled even a bit. It smeled icky and gross and I didn't want to eet it but then she mixed it with some of our regular foods and it was OK. Saga wouldn't eet it though but he's a big sissy so i had to eet his part too.

If anyone comes out to visit us can you pleeze bring lots of karrits and do not feed us any of this flacks. It's gross you'll see.

- Reddums the Feerless War Pony and Saga the sissy, but mostly me, Reddums


  1. Funny how they can turn their noses up at things that are good for them but the experts claim in the wild horses eat exactly what they need. I've heard the herb pushers for horses claim that horses in the hedge rows will go through and pick out the specific herbs they need but you have to wonder. LOL

  2. Hey Saga, I nominated your blog for an award. I havent been reading your blog long but I love it. Come by my blog if you want to get it!

  3. Flacks sounds gross. I like the orange crunchy sticks myself.