Monday, October 19, 2009

Visiting with Cash

Yesterday (Sunday) I went out to visit Cash. It's just started to turn cooler here, and now's the time of year when he is most prone to colic. If I'm going to lose him to colic, it's going to be in the fall... so I figured I'd better take whatever opportunities I have to go see him.

Other than being a touch sunburned, he looked fantastic. Fat, healthy, and getting fuzzy. I took him a tub of baby carrots, since after the choke incident he's not supposed to eat anything big. Even his Senior food gets turned into a mush so it's less likely to cause choke. He happily munched through those and then was polite enough to pose for a few pictures.

Hi there!

Is that camera carrot-flavored?

You say it's not? Did you check???

This inspection will only take a moment, just hold stiiiilllll...

EEEW! You were right! GROSS! That camera has PEOPLE GERMS on it!!!

Yes, I know I'm still the most gorgeous spotted pony you've ever seen.

Damn, but I miss him more than anything sometimes. I had a good cry in his mane before I left. Every time I see him I'm afraid it will be the last.

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